Masks for the Carnivale

A wedding is an extremely special day that can be a grand affair or small and intimate. Some couples choose to have theirs both ways. I was contacted by Stephanie to create some Venetian inspired masks for their wedding/honeymoon in Venice, Italy. It was an amazing experience and I was very lucky to work with such an amazingly communicative client who knew exactly what she wanted (it makes my job a little easier 🙂 ).

“After realizing that having a “traditional’ wedding was hella expensive, we decided to just do a small civil ceremony and use the rest of the funds to go to Europe and attend Venetian Carnivale (among going to other cities). Carnivale was a log time dream of mine because who wouldn’t want to go to a costume ball in a palace? So after deciding to book tickets to the Mascheranda Grand Ball at the Palazo Pisani Moretta, we began planning our costumes. Of course masks are a pretty important piece of a masquerade costume, so knowing how great your work is I came to you for them. Mine I just wanted to be big and beautiful, Anthony’s was to be modeled after a mask worn by the Undertaker from WWE. Results were phenomenal.” Stephanie said.

The masks were done on a traditional paper mache mask base. Unfortunately we hit some bumps in the road with the fit, but ultimately I got the masks out to them before their big day!

For the Groom: The mask was inspired by the one worn by the Undertaker (WWE). I hand molded the mask and painted it to match, adding a pearlescent shine to it to make it a little less plain.

For the Bride: We decided to go with colors to match his mask and costume considering she would be wearing a Disney collection ‘Belle’ dress which is solid white. I added silver trim, purple accents and feathers with various crystal bead accents.

Thank you very much for allowing me to participate in your special day! <3



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