I’m Back! Here’s what’s new…

After a full month of moving from California to New Jersey… WE’RE BACK! My office/studio are officially setup and should be 100% by Feb 20th and I will resume custom orders then. We barely missed the crazy snow storms driving out and moving in, for that, we are thankful. It’s beautiful and inspiring out here on the East coast. I am looking forward to working with new creative minds and models on some new projects that I have been drawing out.  There are some new things happening and I have made a few changes to the Etsy shop as a whole…

– I now ship International (Weee!) and have added that shipping option to all of my store listings except the listings that feature animal parts.

– You may have noticed the SteamWolf blog has been updated… that is also a thing.

– I will be adding some SteamWolf Tutorials to my YouTube channel soon, such as “How to wear your new horns”.

– SteamWolf logos and uniform backgrounds are on ALL THE THINGS! Now I’ll be easy to find in your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter news feeds.


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