Do you do custom orders?

Yes, I do custom orders in my smaller ears & horns plus my larger headpieces. If you are looking for custom colors for smaller ears and horns, head to Etsy for my “Made to Order” selection. If you are looking for larger headpieces, please read the “Custom Orders” page of this site. 


How do I wear my horn/s or ears?

Click here to be taken to the instructional page.


Are your pieces with animal parts ethically sourced?

I do my very best to secure horns, furs and other pieces from antique companies, natural history shops and stores that deal in the cruelty free acquisition of said parts. I am an animal person and lover; I want to make sure all of the pieces I get for my shop weren’t from an animal for the sake of the parts.


Do you have Vegan/Pieces without animal parts available?

Vegan options are available and will be stated in the description, if you have any questions about materials in any of my pieces please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Do you offer coupons and discounts?

You can follow SteamWolf Symphony on Facebook, where I occasionally post coupon codes. 


Are the animal parts you’ve used in jewelry or a headdress allowed to be purchased in my state?

Please make sure you check your state and local laws about the ownership of animal parts. If an item is purchased with real animal parts, I am going to assume you are aware of said laws.


What is the difference between this store and the “Made to Order” on Etsy?

On Etsy, I allow you to customize the ears and horns you purchase. Nothing in the Etsy shop is stocked and take upwards of one week for creation. Everything that you see on this store is available and ready to ship right away. If you purchase from the Etsy shop, please allow for some time on your piece to be created and shipped. Sometimes I might have delays due to large amounts of orders placed. If that happens I typically close down that store to finish with my backlog and then reopen.  


Do you mass produce any of the items in your store?

No, everything in my store is handmade by me in my studio.

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