Are you what you’re meant to be? 

Are you what you’re meant to be?

Imagine you have the ability to be whatever you want to be. Think about what it would be like to frolic with faun in a glorious dew covered meadow. Imagine yourself running through whispering willows with a majestic unicorn. Or dancing under the moonlit sky with a circle of goblins by a roaring fire.

Everyone should be allowed to play dress up every once in a while. I create costume accessories and headdresses for festivals, masquerade balls, pagan events, fantasy themed weddings and beyond.

The original goal with SteamWolf Symphony was to push my artistic limits and imagination. From that grew this small business where I put a little bit of that artistic passion into everything that I create. You should feel magical every single time you transform into another you and I wanted to help you get there.

SteamWolf began its humble roots in Los Angeles California in 2011, but my desire to play dress up started at a young age when. I am a lover of cosplay, fantasy and horror, not only do I run SteamWolf Symphony, but I also do horror pin-up photography with my Ghoul Girls brand. You may have seen my cosplay online under the alias “VampireKitten”.

SteamWolf has been a dream come true for me. I have worked hard for many years to get to where I am today without the assistance of investors or loans. Giving the meaning of “Starving Artist” a whole new meaning, I poured all of my extra time, energy and money to take this humble business from meager beginnings to where it is today. I do my best to create original pieces that haven’t been seen before on Etsy or elsewhere online. I want to make things that people have never seen before. I will always try to keep my prices as low as possible and the quality of my work high. Everything you see in my store is handmade by me. I offer pieces in a variety of prices and styles with vegan options available to suit customers’ needs from every walk of life.

*All pieces featuring animal parts have been humanely acquired from natural history stores and antique dealers.

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